It’s as simple as that
what you give is what you get.

The Fashion Industry is facing many changes. On one side, consumers, business partners, NGO’s and governmental stakeholders are asking fashion brands, to take responsibility for their supply chain and to create transparency.

On the other side, the market constantly requests faster and cheaper fashion. This controversy creates a lot of pressure, especially for small and medium sized enterprises within the fashion industry, who usually don’t have the resources to create the fixed position for a CSR manager.

My approach is, to make the topic understandable for your company and to create transparency in your supply chain, so areas for improvement can be identified. Furthermore, I provide simple tools to expand the level of transparency and to create a fundament, that allows your brand to improve constantly in your CSR performance. 

The ideal CSR strategy shall be grounded in the whole organization on various levels, with one person in charge, to keep track on the overall picture and take the lead of the strategy.

As a CSR Consultant, I see my role in creating a strategy which suits your brand and remain as a sparring partner or support you in your already existing CSR strategy when needed.