The Reason

In fact, the Fashion Industry has a high consumption of non-renewable raw materials like mineral oil, natural resources like water and human resources. 60 Million people are working worldwide in the fashion industry, most of them under poor working conditions. These circumstances attract criticism from various sides. Customers, NGO’s and the government increase their demands towards the fashion industry, to shape up on transparency and taking responsibility for their supply chain. 

I believe, that is in the own interest of most brands, to produce in a responsible way for human and nature. But due to limited internal resources and the complexity of the topic, many brands do not really know where to start.


Your possibility

It’s as simple as that: what you give is what you get. 

Approaching your partners in your supply chain under the topic of CSR, will open a total new way of cooperation, which will lead to more stable and secured business relations.  The wide range of NGO‘s, Commitments and Certificates for a better CSR performance in the fashion industry increase rapidly.  So it is often not easy to decide which path to follow.

The solution

By creating transparency and defining the status quo of your CSR performance, you can make a sound base decision on how to approach Corporate Social Responsibility for your brand. My goal is to guide you in this process. Furthermore, I want to introduce the big wide definition of CSR to your team and help you to create and implement a suitable CSR strategy for your brand.